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There are two poles in my photography life: Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  They lay in opposite directions but both have an irresistible tug on me whenever I think about where I should go for an extended photography trip.   Over the winter I decided that this summer I would focus heavily on Glacier thereby satiating me long enough to go elsewhere next summer (I’ve heard there is a land of endless rain, the greenest greens and a calm, endless ocean west of here).  So, I’ve made three short trips this summer and now embark on an extended nine day photography trip.   Will I find some satisfaction or will she trap me in her embrace even further?  I worry about either eventuality.

Until late August.

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The National Bison Range is ironically a difficult place to photograph bison.   The rules restrict you to the road, and near your car, while unlike Yellowstone the bison at the Range feel no great need to use the roads as trails.   In the winter months you simply do not see them, while I’ve driven full summer afternoons without spotting a single one nearer than 400 yards away.  Therefore, when I made the hour long drive yesterday I had no great hopes of photographing bison, but since the rut was on and there was a chance of late afternoon thunderstorms, conditions I like for landscapes, I went anyway.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

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