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There are only a few more hours left in 2012 for us in the Western Hemisphere, so I wanted to share my favorite images of the year. For me it was a very good year, my best yet, and looking back at the wonderful memories that are included in these images it makes me look forward to yet another year. I have goals in mind, but I never know where circumstances, luck and serendipity end up taking me.

I hope you enjoy.

Sparring Red Fox Kits Two fox kits spar above their Missoula den site.

Snowy Owl on Grassland Habitat A Snowy Owl sits out a Winter afternoon in the tall grass of the Mission Valley.

Perched Great Gray Owl Darkness will soon descend on this Great Gray Owl, but during the Winter the hunt is ever on.

Rushing Whitetail Buck This White-tailed Buck is like a heat-seeking missile when he has a whiff of a doe in estrus.

Black Bear Sow in Snow A Black Bear sow in Glacier National park trudges through an early, wet Autumn snowfall; denning is around the corner.

Singing Lazuli Bunting Male A Lazuli Bunting rivals any Broadway star in his ability to belt out a tune.

Whitetail Fawn in Snow A White-tailed fawn experiences her first snowfall in the hills above Missoula, Montana.

440_Otter_120627_W A Northern River Otter pokes her head above water flowers to see check for danger before chasing spawning trout.

Bugling Bull in Marsh After wallowing in a marsh during a warm Autumn afternoon, a Rocky Mountain Elk bull bugles to find his wandering harem.

Great Horned Owl in Fall Colors A Great Horned Owl is perched on a limb with a backdrop of golden Cottonwood foliage.

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